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know your business users website

We provide an in-depth assessment addressing evolving business goals, evaluating user experience, and developing a targeted strategy to help your business thrive.

improve user experience and convert more clients

how it works


First, we schedule an in-depth consultation with you to review how your website is performing.

We will discuss your goals and develop a customized strategy for gathering data and gaining insight into how to improve your website.

  • Has anything changed since you launched your site?
  • What seems to be working on your site and what is not?
  • Do you have new products or services to offer?
  • Are users getting to the information they need?
  • What questions are you getting asked most often?

Next, we gather valuable data from your users. Our team will install tools, send forms and ask important questions to get the data we need to help you make decisions.

This information will help us determine what’s actually going on with your website and identify key areas for improvement.

  • Incorporate site speed and performance monitoring tools.
  • Install user experience monitoring tools.
  • Gather user data over the course of several weeks.
  • Send customized forms to users to gather feedback.

Once we’ve gathered plenty of data, we’ll take a deeper look into exactly how users interact with and behave on your website.

We can pinpoint areas of confusion or frustration, identify strategic areas to implement marketing efforts as well as suggest improvements for overall user experience and performance.

  • Review and analyze data gathered
  • Create a strategy to improve user experience and encourage conversions
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Our last step is to implement the strategic changes to your website. We’ll outline a detailed plan for enhancements that align with your business’ goals then we’ll get them up and running to optimize user experience, conversions and performance.

  • 10 hours per month dedicated to front-end implementation
  • Prioritize new goals and present performance suggestions
  • Implement strategic visual cues and enhance functionality on your website
  • Outline ongoing support to keep your site at it’s peak performance

Keep Your Website Performing at it's Peak

User Experience Tools

We'll install and monitor user experience tools to help us gather valuable user data and identify areas for improvement.

Performance Tools

We'll add tools to improve your overall load time, alleviate performance frustration and boost your website's page load speed score.

Analysis & Strategy

We'll gather and study data gathered from your website, feedback surveys and analytics to help you make data driven decisions.

Front-End Implementation

You'll have 10 hours per month to implement front-end improvements, design and functionality to resolve user errors and alleviate user frustration.

Understand Your Users

  • $3,500 Monthly
  • One-Time Set-up Cost $999*
  • 3-Month Commitment
  • WordPress Websites Only
  • Includes homepage analysis plus 3 additional pages per site
  • Includes up to 10 hours/mo

*Waived on additional sites

Have multiple sites? Learn More

Need Something More?

we can create custom packages to help you grow your business

If you've got more than one site or need extra hours each month to get things done, let us know. We can customize an ongoing, monthly service package to fit the specific goals and needs of your business.