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Our proactive, monthly WordPress website maintenance program and premium website hosting plans are a hands-off, stress-free way to keep your website up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally!

updating your website monthly keeps it secure and at peak performance

Each month, our experienced web development team provides comprehensive, technical maintenance on your WordPress website to ensure your back-end website technology remains updated.

Our proactive approach helps to alleviate problems before they arise. This includes researching and implementing any security updates and staying on top of compatibility issues.

We’ll keep your website running smoothly, saving you time, energy, and money so you can focus on your business.

how it works

Our expert team of WordPress developers keeps your site’s tech aligned with the most recent, stable releases and alerts you to any potential compatibility or security disruptions, offering solutions that can often alleviate the problem, before it arises.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

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Salient Theme & Plugin Updates

We stop compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities in their tracks by keeping your WordPress core, theme, plugins and extensions up-to-date each month. And with a reliable theme, new features are constantly added!

Daily Website Backups

Let's face it, sometimes things happen. We perform daily backups of your website that allow our team to get your site back online in no time!

Enhanced Security Monitoring

To keep your site safe from hackers and malware, we monitor potential security risks each month and perform basic security updates to minimize vulnerabilities. Upgraded packages include WPengine's Global Edge Security firewall, cache, and compression optimization.

Performed by Humans

No bots here, we have talented, humans monitoring and performing updates each month to ensure your website maintenance gets done right. We carefully review the site after each update and will fix any known issues caused by updating. In addition, receive Priority Support for your additional requests!

Simply Styled Sites Hosting & Maintenance Signup

Custom Hosting Solutions

If you have a robust membership or ecommerce website with heavy traffic, require advanced security and performance, or have multiple domains to receive a discount- we have solutions for you!

Contact us or sign up for your custom solution.

Troubleshooting compatibility and fixing functionality issues that arise from the updates is included. Depending on the package, small tasks less than 15 min per task are also included. Additional support including advanced functionalicy, custom requests, emergency needs, content changes or design changes greater than 15 min and potentially other miscellaneous tasks are not included in the Monthly Maintenance or Monthly Maintenance + Hosting packages.

we take care of the tech so you can focus on running your business

hands-off, worry-free

We’ve got you covered! Our dedicated team will automatically manage your website maintenance and updates each month and send you a comprehensive report so you can focus on on your business.

preventative approach

When problems do arise, they can escalate quickly and expensively. Our website maintenance helps alleviate disruptions and keeps your site running smoothly, with no surprises.

priority support

We’re your dedicated, go-to team if you have any questions about your existing website technology. We’ve even got training videos and how-to’s to help you better understand how to use your website!

peace of mind

You can breathe easy and focus on your business knowing your website won’t be a source of stress. Our team does extensive research, monitors your site and performs necessary updates so you don’t have to.

premium website hosting

maintenance + hosting

Enjoy increased security and performance with our optimized website hosting and maintenance package. We’ve combined the safety and security of our dedicated server with our monthly maintenance to provide a simple, stress-free solution for our clients.

What’s Included:

  • Space on our secure, dedicated server for Clients ONLY.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting and Support from WPEngine
  • Up to 40% Increased Performance
  • “Know Your Neighbors” Security Advantage
  • Caching, SSL & CDN
  • Accessibility (ADA) Plugin
  • Enhanced Website Monitoring
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Montly Website Maintenance & Premium Hosting Service Provided by Simply Styled Sites, a Pursu Agency Partner.

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact us to talk about custom solutions!

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Learn more about why regular website maintenance is important for the health and performance of your website, what the risks are if you don't regularly perform updates and how you can avoid costly mistakes by keeping your website up to date!

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