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Applied Ballistics® reached out to us wanting to create an online academy that housed all sorts of data and research, information from their books, online courses and video tutorials and SO much more. They’ve been advancing the understanding of ballistics and accuracy in the firearms industry for over a decade and have become THE trusted resource for external ballistics. They’ve published books and whitepapers, created CD and DVD sets for their software and videos, but all of that felt old-school and antiquated and their users were wanting more. We were challenged with developing a robust membership website that brought a decades worth of information into one place for their audience to access with ease from their computers at home and their mobile devices while on the range.

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This membership site was intended to achieve some lofty goals. Our client envisioned a website that incorporated a podcast, videos, documents and online courses into one, amazing academy dripping with content for their target audience. We helped them develop a strategy that allowed for the content to be delivered in stages and a dynamic website that could grow as their content evolved. This approach not only helped us launch in a shorter amount of time, but also gave our clients time to build their content gallery for the academy.


Applied Ballistics® is a known and trusted brand in the firearms industry that catered to individuals and huge organizations alike. Our task was to develop a complementary brand for The Science of Accuracy that worked cohesively with the Applied Ballistics® brand but established it as a new branch of the company specifically focused on delivering quality ballistics-focused content to its audience.


The Science of Accuracy membership website came out of the gate with a heavy handed checklist of needs. Our website developers started with the strong WordPress foundation and combined that with robust plugins to create a unique and highly functional membership website that played podcasts, showed videos and displayed documents easily and seamlessly for mobile and desktop users.


Our powerhouse creative team traveled to the Applied Ballistics® facility in Michigan as well as joined them on the road to capture unique, branded imagery for use throughout The Science of Accuracy website. The photos have also been used throughout various marketing and social media efforts with great success. The result is a stunning, high-end look for the academy that truly entices the viewer.

"Pursu provided relentless support before, during and after our launch and we're thrilled with the results"

Bryan Litz  |  Founder, Applied Ballistics

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The initial idea for this membership site came in late 2021 with a simple question: “Is this even possible?” We love to make it happen for our clients so our answer to this question is is always “yes!” We put our nose to the grindstone, research options and always find a way to take an idea to finished product.

From it’s inception to the initial launch was a mere 3 months and in the first few weeks we had over 800 subscribers!! (WOW!) We approached the development in phases and have continued to support and grow the site since it launched in March 2022. Phase 2 added video content and data sheets and we’re currently in the strategy process for adding online courses. This has been a challenging and fun website development adventure and the client is thrilled with the results, we call that a win-win!

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