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The Fittest Dog

The Project

The Fittest Dog began as Race Pace Pups.  Founder and Owner, Kimberli Weeks, had a larger vision of franchising, so The pursu agency needed to build a site to scale.  Her old brand and site, Race Pace Pups, was too “gimmicky” and the site was several years outdated.  The user experience was “flash-like” and had feeds and videos and text everywhere, so the “eye” didn’t know where to go.  Not only did it not represent her drive and professionalism, but all of Kimberli’s businesses processes were disjointed and manual as well.  She decided to do a complete Rebrand, establish a solid foundation for SEO, update her copy, and create a beautiful new site for The Fittest Dog.

The Goals

  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Enahnce User Experience
  • Engage Interaction and Sharing
  • Reflect a professional and mature brand
  • Enable scaling of business from website to print materials
  • Become a nationwide franchise company

Our Roles

Laurie Barron

Web Developer

Gwen Beren


Betsy Holt

Graphic Designer

The Process

Logo Redesign

Color Palette

Web Design & Development

We set up the Fittest Dog on their own premium self-hosted account with WPengine so they could grow at their own pace, with a goal to eventually become a multi-site with many locations.  After discussing many goals and processes, it’s important to establish the Minimum Viable Product to launch the rebrand, which included a way for potential clients to express interest, ask questions, and schedule their runs.

TCC integrated third parties such as Mailchimp and Vcita to set up such capabilities.  We created customization to ensure professional branding consistency throughout the site.  We also worked with a Copywriter to create content based on how the user will benefit and create a seamless process for engagement.

Through the use of an interactive social media strategy, we implemented The Fittest Dog Instagram Feed to keep content fresh and exciting.

SEO & Strategy

Transitioning not only the “look and feel” of a brand but also the technical pieces is crucial. In order to maintain current SEO status from Race Pace Pups and to The Fittest Dog, a redirect domain strategy on a deeper level is important to integrate.  We looked at the entire sitemap and structure, while optimizing the site for speed, keywords, and organization for the smoothest transition possible.

Setting the Foundation for local companies to get found on Google takes many steps as well.  We implemented a local schema, setup on Google for Analytics and Google My Business.

The Solution

The pursu agency gave The Fittest Dog possibilities they were not even aware of.  By implementing vCita, The Fittest Dog can now accept scheduling requests and send invoices directly from that connected service.

Users will get notified via email when they have invoices due and scheduling reminders.  They have their own accounts to manage and monitor without Kimberli and her staff manually performing these actions which saves the Company valuable time.

Opportunities for Growth:

While this is just phase 1, we’re excited to watch and help The Fittest Dog grow.  Some things on the horizon are:

  • adding text notifications to clients on upcoming runs
  • integrating a more adverse CRM
  • Adding future franchise locations
  • Creating a back-end system for franchisees
  • Ongoing analyzing of user data for marketing efforts


Client testimonial from Kimberli saying how awesome we are!

Kimberli WeeksFounder/Owner The Fittest Dog


Increased User Engagement


Increased User Engagement


Increased User Engagement