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It’s not often you come across a team of individuals that are as talented, fun, dedicated and eager to see you succeed as our pack. We’re Creative Unicorns and we take that seriously.

we are as delightful as a dozen donuts
Betsy the Magnificent - our resident creative mastermind and Co-founder of Pursu for Web Design Richmond, VA, creativity is her passion.


creative mastermind

Co-founder and creative mastermind at Pursu, Betsy pairs her unmatched creative flair and energetic sparkle with her professional prowess to deliver a purposeful, powerful and fun experience for each and every client.

Ever since she was a little girl, Betsy delighted in creating, drawing and exploring (she still gets excited to see a box of crayons in her Christmas stocking.) She took on her first design project in high school, creating album art for her Jazz band and the passion stuck. She earned a degree in Communication Design from the University of North Texas and, having already built up several years of professional experience, landed a design job where she had complete creative freedom and endless learning opportunities.

After five years of employment, her insatiable drive left her wanting more. She never knew she had the entrepreneurial spirit, but she was surrounded by amazing people who encouraged her to chase her dreams and she has successfully founded four companies since 2014.

She has partnered with local entrepreneurs and global corporations alike to develop bespoke branding, website designs and strategies that lay the strong brand foundation integral for a businesses success. The brands and designs she creates are award winning and stand in a class of their own.

Betsy believes that great design shouldn’t be reserved for those with million dollar budgets and, with the inception of Pursu, she hopes to build a bespoke creative agency that is accessible to companies of all sizes, allowing them to get the resources, support, and branding they need to thrive in a highly-competitive market.

When she isn’t pushing pixels, Betsy loves getting back to nature, working in her woodshop and cooking delicious Thai meals. She summits mountains, dives the depths of the sea and believe it or not, is even a competitive marksman. She has a passion and ambition to always push the limits of what is possible and leave people wondering “YOU? Did THAT?!” No matter what she is doing, her loving husband and her two White German Shepherd Dogs are right there, by her side.

Favorite Food: Tacos are Life!
Preferred Form of Caffeination: Coffee & Dr. Pepper
Is She a Little Crazy? Yes, but all the good ones are.

Laurie is our resident developer and ideator! She is one of the co-founders of Pursu for Web Design San Deigo and she loves developing automated systems and streamlining processes.


web developer extraordinaire

Laurie is a creative entrepreneur and President, Co-Founder of Pursu. Her energy and engaging personality contribute to her creativity and ability to problem-solve and provide results that fulfill her clients’ goals. Building relationships with her clients and listening to their specific needs gives her the guidance to generate new ideas. Laurie’s perseverance, relentless optimism, and work ethic motivate her to persevere until any problem is solved. She is driven by perfection and innovative thinking which led her to leave her corporate job and travel in an alternative direction.

Laurie earned her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and her graduate work at IUPUI’s master’s program of Informatics in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Her education provided an excellent foundation and inspiration to deliver outstanding online experiences. She graduated with honors while also participating on the IU Hoosiers swim team and also found time to enjoy a sorority life. Her dimensional personality and experiences are a primary reason she is able to walk in another’s shoes and understand her clients’ needs from a unique perspective. Post college, Laurie worked for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and eventually moved on to the NCAA as a liaison between accounting and IT, learning a myriad of business and technical skills. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create two startup companies eventually opening the door to move forward to where she is today.

Laurie was confident she could offer her clients better support and help them regain pride in their own achievements. She believes Pursu will provide an encouraging and empowering environment for all businesses – whether new or seasoned businesses. She wants her clients to achieve and optimize their business not only through technology but through collaboration and communication. Her enthusiasm, patience, and dedication to client education provide an avenue for growth and success.

In 2006, Laurie moved to sunny California from the Midwest. She is inspired daily by the beauty, and when she isn’t behind her computer, she can be found walking her German Shepherd, Kali, along the shoreline. Her goofy cats, Petey and Izzy, keep life challenging and definitely entertaining. She coaches Masters swimming and regularly squeezes in several laps for herself. She also loves playing beach volleyball and spending time with her friends when time allows.

our agency is focused on giving everyone a fighting chance for success

Here at Pursu, we believe in the pursuit of purpose and making a positive impact. Pursu is focused on providing the relentless support our clients and community needs so they can pursue what is meaningful to them, in life and in business.

We are Creative Unicorns that provide our clients with stellar service, pixel-perfect design and wow-worthy websites, but we don’t stop there. Our goal is to see each and every one of our clients succeed, we bring our experience, passion and dedication to the table whether we’re creating, coding or consulting. We aim to be the trusted, go-to strategic partner you deserve as you grow and evolve your business.

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