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frequently asked questions

Our creative team often gets asked...

What Services Do You Provide?

We are a full-service creative agency specializing in website and brand strategy, branding, print and digital graphic design and WordPress website development utilizing the Salient theme.

Our expanded creative team can also help with business coaching, copywriting, back-end development, swag and trade show design, social media strategy and feed curation, and more!

We even offer ongoing, strategic partnerships to clients after we’ve completed a full branding and website project. If you’d like to know more about how this works get in touch with us!

I Just Spent a Lot of Money to Get a Website, But I'm Really Unhappy With It! Can You Help?


Unfortunately, this is a story we’ve heard many times before. Some agencies talk a big game but they don’t develop websites strategically and those websites ultimately fail adding stress and unnecessary to-dos to your already overflowing plate.

Here at The pursu agency, we have developed a process of building websites that  empowers our clients for years to come with a simple, beautiful, easy-to-update website that can evolve as their business grows. We work directly with our clients and dig deep to develop a crystal clear website strategy that directly aligns with your business goals, we evaluate your target audience in order to provide the correct informational hierarchy and user experience throughout the website, and we build it all in a way that brings peace of mind to you, our client.

What is Branding? I Just Need a Logo...

Great question! There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding what branding is (or isn’t) and the importance of branding for businesses large and small. The reason there is so much confusion surrounding branding is because it can be quite complex and your brand should be involved in nearly every action, platform and iteration of your business.

Branding is a specialized and curated set of tools that a company can use to build public perception and maintain consistency across a wide variety of outlets. These tools can include your logo, brand standards guide, company culture, social media presence, uniforms, packaging, website, advertisements, how you handle mistakes, voice…the list goes on!

A common misconception about branding is that if you have a logo, you’ve got a brand. This is FALSE!

When our team develops your brand and helps you employ a brand strategy, we’re digging into all the deep, dark corners to explore the who, what, when, where and how of your business. Who is your target audience? Where is your online presence? How are you making decisions? How are you being perceived? What are your business goals? etc.

We use the answers to those questions and combine all of that information to create a solid foundation and strategy to create your brand (and yes, your logo!)

I Have a Logo...Can You Still Help Me Build a Strong Brand?


We’ve worked with clients in ALL stages of brand development, from startups where we built from scratch to large corporations in need of a strategic brand redesign and everything in between.

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and business owners to have a logo developed without digging deeper into the brand or developing a successful strategy. We’re happy to have a discussion with you surrounding your current logo, brand goals and business development strategy in order to create a strong brand for your company and preserve the hard work you’ve already done.

What is a Rebrand? Do I Need to Do That?

Rebranding is the process of reevaluating what is working and what isn’t working within your brand and analyze what needs to change.

As your business grows and evolves in the market, it’s not uncommon for your brand to need a refresh. Rebranding allows us to strategically evaluate where you are and ensure that everything moving forward aligns with your updated business goals. A rebrand allows you to position yourself correctly in the market, speak directly to the correct target audience for your business and thrive as a business rather than survive.

Do You Develop on Other Platforms Besides WordPress?

No. We specialize in developing easy-to-use, custom websites using the open source platform WordPress and the beautifully robust Salient theme.

With this combination and the addition of specific, rigorously tested plug-ins, we are able to build highly customized, beautifully designed website solutions that are tailor-fit to an individual business or brand.

We wanted a solution that would take our clients beyond any out-of-the-box options to set the strongest foundation possible for their continued success. This means your website is 100% unique and (with proper maintenance) can be built on for many years to come.

We’ve chosen to use the Salient theme and employ WPBakery to allow out clients to easily update and maintain their own websites with a little training. That said, we’re always happy to help.


Learn More:


“Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.” –

Salient Theme:

“Salient offers a highly tailored version of WPBakery page builder complete with beautifully enhanced visual options, device grouping for key element attributes, and much more.” – Themenectar

Do You Ever Use a Different Theme Besides Salient?

We prefer not to.

That being said, we have used themes similar to Salient, like Divi, before. And though we can use different themes, we’ve found that the combination of Salient with the other technologies that we use, has been the best solution for the type of work that we do and the quality of offering that we are thrilled to provide our clients.

If you’d like to talk to us more about a particular theme and our capabilities, get in touch!

Can You Help Me Update or Maintain My Current Website?


There are many considerations during this time, however, including if pursu agency built your site. Along with it may include some recommendations for improving your site’s structure and stability.

We are always here ongoing for you, but based on your needs there are options for technical updates as well as ongoing content strategies.

To sign up for technical maintenance, you can sign up here:

To learn more about ongoing content and functional maintenance, go here!

Why do I Need Regular Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is important to preserve the ongoing functionality of your website and to keep it running at optimal performance. Neglecting to perform these updates can cause a multitude of problems that can cost you 5x as much to fix.

“There are a ton of potential issues that come with neglecting plugin updates, such as potentially bringing down a website, UX issues, security issues & breaking core functionality. Plugin vulnerabilities represent 56% of the known entry points for cyber attacks. With over 55,000 WP plugins that collectively have been downloaded over one billion times, it’s more important than ever to update them safely.” – WPEngine

To learn more about our ongoing website maintenance packages, go here!

How Many Projects Do You Take on each Year?

Because our team is small and we hand-craft every single website and brand we create, we only take on a small number of large projects each year and often have a wait list.

By only taking on a few projects at a time we are able to focus our attention more fully on our individual clients in order to provide the best possible product and service for them. Even after a large project is complete, we enjoy working closely with our clients on an ongoing basis as their dedicated strategic partner in order to support their continued growth and success.

If you’d like to get on the waitlist for your next branding or website project, get in touch with us!

Your Prices are Higher Than X Agency...Can You Offer a Discount?

We are formally trained, award-winning professionals who have been developing websites, curating brands and providing strategic consulting for over 12 years. We have worked with businesses large and small across a wide variety of industries giving us unique insight into how to approach the specific creative problems of the clients we work with and tailor-fitting solutions to their individual needs.

This expertise and commitment to our clients to provide the best product possible makes us a bespoke creative agency that offers top-tier design and development.

Our pricing is a reflection of all of the hard-work, dedication, education, testing & trying, problem solving and creative prowess of our team and that allows us to do the best job possible for those who choose to work with us.