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Original logo provided to us by nfinit. Used with their permission.


Nfinit, an on-the-move data center in San Diego, California, approached Pursu desperately searching for a creative agency that could help them out of a bind. They had just invested over $100,000 with another agency for a new brand identity and website, but despite their hefty investment, the assets that were created weren’t hitting the mark. Their previous experience (with an agency that didn’t listen, didn’t produce and didn’t follow through) left them frustrated, skeptical and on a super tight budget. But they knew they needed to get it fixed right.

Pursu stepped in and took on the challenge of creating a website that focused on sending the right message, improved user experience and could be managed, easily by their internal team. Throughout the process, we consulted with Nfinit’s internal team to ensure each and every step we took met or exceeded their expectations for usability, clarity and design.

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Part of challenge with this project was the tight budget. Our team had to come up with a plan of attack to completely redesign Nfinit’s website, without breaking the bank. That meant that we salvaged what we could of the previous website and filled in gaps as necessary. Our goals were to make the site more accessible, friendly and informative for the target audience and to create a website infrastructure that was easy to manage for Nfinit’s team.


Nfinit and Pursu had a hard decision to make, do we keep the original branding or abandon it for something new. Ultimately, due to their limited budget, we decided to keep the logo but expand on the branding by developing an all new and more detailed brand standards. The new look complements the logo but takes their brand to a whole new level of awesome using an unabashed color palette, bold duotone imagery and modern typography.


Our expert team of website developers really stretched their legs with this project. They maximized the “Wow-factor” by incorporating unique, dynamic elements and creating an intuitive, multi-faceted, customer journey through a maze of complicated, technological information. By mapping an organized structure and clear informational hierarchy, we were able to create a website is not only beautiful but functional and easy to maintain.


With a complicated and expansive industry such as data transfer, security and technology, SEO is crucial to being found online. Our SEO team created a complex optimization plan that not only helped them get found online, but optimized content and location data for the markets and locations Nfinit serves across the United States. This multi-faceted approach allowed them to reach more, interested audiences that with online optimization alone.

"The team at Pursu Agency really hit the mark! You have made our company proud with this representation of NFINIT."

Phil Kenney  |  CEO, Nfinit

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The result of everyone’s hard work with the Nfinit project is a unique and highly-functional website incorporating custom tools, creative design and intuitive website infrastructure. We empowered the Nfinit team to manage and add to their site with custom templates, training videos and one-on-one guidance. After we launched the site our development and automation experts helps Nfinit create helpful tools for clients to get a quote and understand their technology needs. All of these advances helped to shape Nfinit as a company and ultimately, the improvements across the company caught the attention of a bigger player in the market, Lightedge, and they were acquired in 2022.

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