Goal Solutions Logo Design for Financial Institutions and Loan Servicing Company
custom graphic design and icons for bank and financial institutions
custom icons for bank and financial institutions
custom graphic design for bank and financial institutions
custom infographic and icons for banks and financial institutions

goal solutions

Goal Solutions approached Pursu Agency with the goal of creating a simple and user friendly website so they could start building an online presence and serve their customers better.  Even though they already had a logo design, we noticed a gap in their branding and presented a brand update as part of the solution to building their online presence. We expanded their branding to include a curated image gallery, custom icons, a cohesive color palette and brand-specific typography.

The end result is a gorgeous and interactive website that puts Goal Solutions at the forefront of their industry and keeps users informed and engaged while they browse.

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Our team worked closely with the Goal Solutions team to perform an extensive research and discovery phase identifying key goals to focus on as we expanded their branding and developed the website. One of the unique challenges we faced with this project was assessing the needs of two target audiences, existing clients who require support and account functionality and new clients who are looking for insight and crucial information.


Goal Solutions came to use with an existing logo design and the idea of growing their brand in a more cohesive and unified way. We performed competitive brand research and discussed different options for the Goal Solutions brand with decision makers to ensure we were headed in the right direction. The result is a beautifully refined brand that represents them well in both print and digital applications.


Goal Solutions needed their website to serve new and existing clients in very different ways. Our challenge was to create a website that not only allowed existing clients to access the proprietary information and functionality they needed, but appealed to new clients by engaging them with interactive elements and thorougly informing them about what Goal Solutions does. We created a dynamic website that captures the viewer and draws them in with animated, interactive elements while delivering maximum information throughout this beautifully designed website.

environmental design

This project continues to evolve over time and we’re thrilled to be a go-to strategic partner for Goal Solutions. After we completed the website redesign and brand updates, we were approached to create environmental designs including a desk wrap and booth backdrop for a tradeshow. This expanded the Goal Solutions brand even further to immerse and entice viewers in a whole new experience.

"This is PERFECT! You are a Lifesaver."

Brian Cox  |  VP Business Development, Goal Solutions

growth & success

Our continued relationship with Goal Solutions as a strategic partner for their branding and website has been a sign of the success of this project. Their updated and expanded branding is working well for them and we expect to see continued growth and success from their investment.

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