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Kenzie Fitzpatrick came to Pursu looking for guidance on setting up her new business branding and building a website. All she had was her marketing experience and a dream to be her own boss, set her own schedule, and travel the country doing what she loved. We started by diving deep into Kenzie’s passion, identifying what was most important to her about building her business then we got to work.

We took Kenzie from idea to dream business in just a few months, our talented team at Pursu helped her pick the perfect business name, researched the market to identify niche opportunities for her then built a gorgeous brand and website to support her goals.

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business naming

Kenzie loves the outdoors and is an avid shooting competitor, she wanted a name that reflected not only her personality and passion, but also resonated with potential clients. Since she focuses her efforts on the outdoor and firearms industry, we created the name “Reticle Up” as a relevant and motivational name for her marketing business.


We think our creative team really knocked this logo out of the park, it’s simple, representative of Kenzie’s vision and adaptable to various mediums. Kenzie wanted a professional yet rugged look to her brand, and we delivered with a reticle inspired monogram, hand crafted typography and a rich earthy color palette. The addition of icons and badges allow Kenzie to use her logo in a variety of fun and creative ways.


Reticle Up was growing fast, so we developed a website that was simple and scalable. We chose a tech stack that fit Kenzie’s needs, could grow with her and was easy for her to manage so she had full control over her content. The result is a beautiful, elegant website development solution that will continue to represent Reticle Up quite well as the business evolves.


Kenzie’s personality is highly charismatic, so we knew that stock photography wasn’t going to be an option for this fun-loving, adventurous gal. Our creative team set up a series of photoshoots to highlight Kenzie in her natural habitat, outdoors and on the range. The result are some stunning photos that really position Kenzie and her brand ahead of the others in her niche.

"I was FLOORED! Pursu is so fun and easy to work with and everything they created is so gorgeous. "

Kenzie Fitzpatrick  |  Founder, Reticle Up Marketing

growth & success

This project was one of the most comprehensive we’ve ever tackled. We took on the challenge of guiding Kenzie from initial idea to full blown business! We were thrilled to be a part of making her business dreams come true. Our team named her business, developed a striking logo, created an engaging website, built a visual identity she could use throughout her marketing in emails and on social media. We’re currently supporting Reticle Up with ongoing website and graphic design support as she grows her business.

Kenzie’s business is thriving. She’s added a new podcast and we absolutely love following her adventures as she competes and interviews other competitors around the country. We can’t wait to see what she does next with her business!

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