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I had the pleasure of visiting with Kelly Bagla from Bagla Law who is an incredible legal resource and business attorney specializing in business formations, asset protection, mergers & acquisitions and more. She supports entrepreneurs and provides resources, such as her Go Legal Yourself Podcast, to provide valuable information to help you grow and understand.

As a recent guest of her podcast, we spoke about staying motivated and optimistic as an entrepreneur. But really, it applies to many aspects of life. We covered:

  • The importance of a positive mindset.
  • Failures as learning opportunities.
  • Setting a daily routine.
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face.
  • Building a strong pack and business relationships.
  • Trusting others, especially in business.
  • Effective referral-based business.
  • Living the American Dream.

Listen to the full podcast below and I invite you to also follow Go Legal Yourself Podcast on Spotify for regular business advice, constant motivation, and a positive leader no matter what your industry.

How to Motivate and Stay Optimistic as an Entrepreneur

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