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Kimberli Weeks started her dog running business, Race Pace Pups a couple years before approaching the Click Collective. She was having some success but she knew there was a lot more potential for her dog running service in the San Diego area. She challenged us with developing a new name, website and brand worthy of becoming a successful franchise!

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business naming

Working with some existing ideas that Kimberli had as well as performing our own market and competitive research, we landed on the name “The Fittest Dog.” It encompassed the high-end, fitness concepts that Kimberli was trying to convey, is trendy enough to stand out in San Diego and has a ring to it that will help it grow to be a recognizable, household name for dog owners.


Our biggest challenge was not just to develop a visual branding system that worked locally for The Fittest Dog, but we also had to keep franchising in mind. Kimberli’s goals were to grow the business and sell franchises in cities across California and the United States, so we needed a fresh, clean logo that quickly told the story of The Fittest Dog. The hand-crafted logo features a fit, lean representation of a dog and it’s movement suggests there’s more to this brand than a boring walk in the park.


Dog running, enrichment and fitness is a rising trend for many dog owners across the world, but it’s not a concept that’s super well known. We needed to create a website that was informative and to-the-point giving our audience the right amount of information without overwhelming them. We developed a beautiful website that guides users though the benefits of dog running and how the process works. The added benefit? We got to use lots of pictures of cute dogs!


Since The Fittest Dog wanted to create brand awareness quickly, we developed a series of branded marketing materials and swag to help promote the brand and build a following. In order to quickly establish brand awareness, we designed branded trucker hats, tshirts and tank tops, dog bandanas and more to help support The Fittest Dog on their journey to success!

"We're so excited to show the world this beautiful brand and website!"

Kimberli Weeks  |  Owner, The Fittest Dog

growth & success

The Fittest Dog has grown significantly since we completed the first phase of this project, adding several new dog runners and growing their client base. They’ve been featured in several online and print publications to include Shout Out Socal and SDVoyager. San Diego Magazine even dubbed Kimberli the Face of Canine Wellness! We’re thrilled that Kimberli and The Fittest Dog has seen so much success.

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Image Credit: Professional Photography by Allison Shamrell and Lauren Radac |  Additional Photos: Kimberli Weeks

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