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Building a Brand Basics: The Typo

The Devil is in the Details.
Be sure to ALWAYS check your posts, blogs, emails and messages for errors including spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar.
So many small business owners and entrepreneurs SKIP THIS STEP! They push out content as fast as they can, comment and share without a care in the world. Using “you’re” instead of “your” (or worse yet UR)…substituting abbv. for the real, full word. ive even seen some ppl skip punctuation and capitalization all together
(It physically hurts to make this point by showing examples.🤣)
If you’re trying to build an ELEVATED brand, one that attracts HIGH-PAYING, DISCERNING customers, it’s paramount that you cross your Ts and dot your Is, check spelling and grammar and use proper punctuation and capitalization.
These are EASY things to do, but they are so often overlooked, that they’ve become acceptable in a myriad of scenarios. 😱
The only thing poor attention to detail demonstrates is complacency and laziness.
Spelling, capitalization and punctuation are relatively quick easy things to fix, so if a potential customer sees that you’re not putting in the effort to get those right, what are they going to think your customer service is like? 😬😬😬
Take the time to dial in your social media posts, messages, emails and any other written communication efforts. It says a lot about the QUALITY of your brand and how you run your business.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but making the conscious effort to get punctuation, spelling and grammar right goes a long way in the eyes of the potential customer. 🤩
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